It is no longer bizarre to see a good number of people wearing face masks as they move around, all thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. But what is still a little unnerving is the dress code that crew and passengers on board an aircraft have to follow, as seen from a recent photo that was shared by Indian businessman Anand Mahindra.Also Read - Warning! Do Not Try This at Home: Netizens Left Shocked as Man Casually Gives King Cobra a Bath

At first glance, the picture of the crew in their face shield, mask, gloves and modified translucent hazmat suits instantly remind you of a scene from a sci-fi movie. And that is exactly what Anand Mahindra said in the post he shared on his Twitter page. Also Read - Onlookers Horrified as Drunk Man Tries to Drown Bear in Warsaw Zoo After Entering Its Enclosure

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But apart from the people looking like they are playing a part in a sci-fi movie, they also reminded others of nurses and doctors in an operation theatre in a hospital.

Other people who viewed the pictures were of the opinion that the hazmat suits worn by the crew should have been a little bit longer, while some aired their views about Indigo Airlines taking back the face shield from people after they’ve been used.

Anand Mahindra’s tweet has so far got 25,000 likes and has been retweeted many times, and from the comments it got, one can see that people are very concerned about the number of passengers travelling in such an enclosed space.