With the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic still in place in many areas, we have come to rely more and more on the delivery service provided by many vendors. However, ordering anything online can be a bit dicey, as there are times when we do not get what we see, which is exactly what happened to a woman who ordered 1 kg of sweet potatoes from a wholesaler. Also Read - COVID-19: Delhi Police Take Out Bike Rally to Express Gratitude to AIIMS Health Workers

The lady from UK, who goes by the name of Naomi, was left surprised when her order of sweet potatoes arrived. She shared a picture of what she received on her Twitter page with the caption, “I ordered 1kg of sweet potatoes from the Wholesalers. They sent one single mutant potato – behold PotatoZilla.” Also Read - I Bow Out With a Namaste to You: Syed Akbaruddin as he Bids UN Chief Antonio Guterres Adieu

Regardless to say, her tweet has not only left many laughing, but it has also been retweeted over 5000 times and garnered over 44k likes. Some have even shared their own experiences and encounters with something similar.

Lucky for Naomi, everybody seemed to have some helpful tip on how best she could use the giant of a sweet potato.