On Monday, the iconic Hollywood Sign located in Los Angeles, was vandalised and changed to ‘Hollyboob’. According to the LA Times, this was done in a bid to raise awareness about breast cancer. The viral photos show the letter “W” replaced by a tarp reading “B” while the “D” has a tiny dash to make it seem like another “B”.Also Read - Billie Eilish Loses 100,000 Followers After She Shares Drawing of Breasts For Viral Challenge, She Has The Best Reaction!

Notably, the incident came to light after Los Angeles Police Department security personnel observed five men and one woman on surveillance tape at around 1:15 pm. Soon enough, a police helicopter was alerted and miscreants were tracked down to a place in Mulholland Drive where they were handcuffed, the Los Angeles CBS reported.

Meanwhile, several Twitter users tweeted photos of ‘Hollyboob’ and joked about the same:

All six arrested would be charged with misdemeanour trespassing but will be released since there was no vandalism as the sign was no destroyed.

LAPD Captain Steve Lurie said in a tweet, ‘A few hours ago, a group attempted to vandalize the Hollywood sign. Los Angeles landmarks are precious to those of us @LAPDHollywood and this was way uncool (not to mention the terrain is quite steep & dangerous). Hollywood patrol officers have arrested all six individuals’.

“It’s unfortunate that such an important icon for the city of L.A. is not being appreciated,” said Mark Panatier, the group’s chairman, who said trespassing to alter the sign is wrong no matter the purported cause.

Back in 2017 too, the iconic sign was vandalised to read ‘Hollyweed’ to celebrate the legalisation of recreational marijuana in California.

The Hollywood sign is an American cultural icon overlooking Hollywood, Los Angeles and is situated on Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains. The site is not accessible to the public and is privately maintained by the Hollywood Sign Trust.