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Pregnant dog breastfeeds human baby to keep him alive!

Toddler kept alive by a pregnant dog in Chile.

Published: September 6, 2015 1:00 PM IST

By Priya Prakashan

Pregnant dog breastfeeds human baby to keep him alive!

In a shocking incident a neglected toddler was kept alive by a pregnant dog in Chile. The child who was neglected by his mother was breastfed by a pregnant dog. The two-year-old boy was seen feeding from neighbor’s dog Reina. The boy has not yet been identified, and is said to be allegedly left by his drunken mother in desert port of Arica. The malnutritioned boy was found at a mechanic workshop in Port where he was seen hungrily feeding from the pregnant canine by people. The police were informed about the case, post which the kid was taken to Hospital Regional Dr. Juan Noe near Santiago.

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He was not only malnutritioned but also suffering from a skin infection and lice infestation. The kid was later released from hospital moved into care of local child welfare authorities. The mother showed up drunk later, who has not been arrested yet as However, his mother has not been arrested.The father also turned up later at the hospital Their role behind the child’s condition is not clear though.

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Chile’s National Service For Minors, said, “We do not know for sure whether this (being fed by a dog) or not saved his life.” But they were embarrassed by the poor situation of the child. The National Service for Minors has now filed a complaint for neglect in relation to the child. Arica is a place with many more such people living in poverty in crowded slums.

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