New Delhi: Yet another day and yet another Indian woman raped, murdered and not even given dignity in death! As Indians continue to be outraged and demand justice for the 20-year-old Dalit girl, more shocking facts are coming to the fore.Also Read - 'Is This How You Treat India's Daughter': Shock & Outrage After Hathras Victim's Body Cremated 'Forcibly'

Amid the demands of people that rapists should be hanged for the heinous crime, a group known as ‘Savarna Parishad’ has come out in their support of the four accused, who are all upper-caste men.

According to a Jagran report, the National Campaigner of the National Savarna Council, Pankaj Dhavaraya, along with many others, reached the SP office on Monday and submitted a memorandum in defence of the accused, saying that the girl’s family is implicating innocent people.

The report further adds that after their imprisonment, there is resentment among the people of the regional upper society and their honour has been hurt. The group has also demanded an SIT investigation into the case.

Many shared the shocking news, stating why the caste of the victim is important in this case.

Many were reminded of the Kathua rape case when Hindu Ekta Manch had carried out a protest march to demand the release of a special police officer (SPO) accused of raping and murdering an eight-year-old nomad girl.

Meanwhile, people on social media are outraged at the fact that UP police forcibly cremated the rape victim last night against the wishes of the family. Many lamented how even criminals are allowed a dignified cremation, whereas a ‘daughter of India’ was even denied this basic right.

After the nationwide outrage, UP CM Yogi Adityanath has said three-member SIT team has been assigned to look into the case, and assured that justice will be delivered. We are waiting!