What can be cuter than babies? Pandas, some may say but there is nothing more satisfying than priceless reactions on a baby’s face. They make you dance to their tunes, run around the house and do all sorts of things while they rest in peace or maybe cry. In fact, they make you superhuman by teaching you multitasking. Baby videos are quite common and popular on social media. With tech-savvy parents, we have more than enough videos that will make you smile even on your worst day. Also Read - Woman Delivers Baby on NDRF Rescue Boat in Flood-Hit Bihar’s East Champaran

Toddlers doing absolutely nothing (Read: Hilarious) are a major hit on the web. And adding to the list of amazing babies who make our days brighter here is one which should be called nothing less than adorable. Call it a precious moment when a baby saw his mother for the first time and stole the internet’s heart. Baby Everett, from Iowa in the United States was diagnosed with oculocutaneous albinism shortly after his birth. The rare condition affects the pigmentation of the skin, hair, and eyes. Also Read - Baby Bath Challenge: Here is Why Your Little One Cries While Bathing

People diagnosed with this condition generally have vision problems and also increased sensitivity to light. Parents understood that their baby could not see properly after they noticed that he was not making eye contact or tracking movements. And that is when the parents decided to make things easy for their little one. The video that has gone viral shows his mother fitting tiny glasses over his face only to see him smile immediately. Babies with eyebrows: These 13 adorable babies with funky eyebrows will make you go aww! (See pictures) Also Read - Shocking! Hospital Refuses to Admit Pregnant Woman Until She Gets Covid-19 Test, She Delivers Baby While Standing in Queue

Watch the video here:

His face lit up and started giggling when he saw his mother for the first time. He appears to close his eyes when his eyes fit the glasses and can be heard asking him to look. And he kicks his legs in joy as his mother says ‘Hi’. After wearing the glasses Everett grew accustomed to it and the parents shared the video on social media to spread awareness about albinism.