As things start slowly opening up again following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, people have been told that they still must follow the preventive norms. If venturing out of the house, one must still wear a mask and stay at a distance from one another. While some choose to ignore the important rules, others, like priests, have taken it quite seriously.Also Read - Onlookers Horrified as Drunk Man Tries to Drown Bear in Warsaw Zoo After Entering Its Enclosure

There have been a number of instances where priests have been caught on camera blessing their congregation from afar by using a water pistol with holy water. In another incident, a picture has surfaced showing a priest squirting a baby with holy water while standing from afar as part of his baptism. Also Read - Instant Karma! Video Showing Buffalo Dislodging Men From Cart For Making it Race Goes Viral

The picture shows a man standing by the side of a woman holding her child up as a mask wearing priest points a water pistol at the baby. Also Read - No Less Complicated: Elon Musk And Grimes Change Their Baby's Name And It No Longer is X Æ A-12

Needless to say, the picture has gone viral with people reacting both positively and negatively to the actions of the priest.

Apart from the comments about the water gun toting priest, people also started creating hilarious memes using the picture.

Earlier, a water gun toting Roman Catholic priest in the Detroit area was photographed standing on the steps of the St. Ambrose Church squirting holy water at the cars that were passing by. Reverend Timothy Pelc could be seen wearing a face mask along with a shield and rubber gloves as he blessed the people on Easter.