Surat: In a proud moment for India, a 17-year-old girl from Gujarat’s Surat has been appointed as Regional Ambassador for India by the United Nations Environment Programme – Tunza Eco-Generation.Also Read - After Pune Man's Gold Face Mask, Diamond-Studded Ones Worth Rs 1,40,000 Grab Eyeballs in Surat Amid COVID-19

This achievement was made possible because of her passion for environmental conservation and determinination to spread awareness about its safeguard.

According to a report by ANI, Khushi Chindaliya started to look for ways to conserve nature when she saw all the greenery in her hometown disappear in front of her eyes, only to be replaced by a concrete jungle.

It was during the Covid-19 induced lockdown that she devoted her time working on the environment and educated herself about the causes of environmental degradation.

“When my family and I shifted to the new house in the city, I used to see greenery all around. The Chikoo trees near my house sheltered several birds and we were surrounded by nature. As I grew older, I saw the greenery turn into concrete jungles and realised that my younger sister would not be able to enjoy the beauty of nature as I did in my childhood. This was the point when I became more aware of nature and looked for ways to protect the environment around myself,” Khushi told ANI.

The appointment will give Khushi a platform to spread awareness about the safeguard of environmental treasures and discuss India’s contribution to environmental conservation. She will also have the opportunity to discuss the subject with other ambassadors around the world.

“We had a green cover near our house where several species of birds and animals would frequent. Khushi would always go with her younger sister to observe them from the balcony. I have always raised my children to be environmentally conscious and keep the environment clean. I am very proud that Khushi has been given such a big responsibility,” Binita, Khushi’s mother said.

(With ANI inputs)