Mohali: In yet another case that depicts the addictiveness of PUBG, a teenager from Punjab’s Mohali spent Rs 2 lakh from his grandfather’s pension on the popular videogame PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG.Also Read - Teen Uses Father's Life Savings on PUBG Mobile Under Pretext of Online Study, Spends Rs 16 Lakhs From Parents’ Bank Accounts

The 15-year old boy who had only recently started playing the game in the month of January allegedly used his grandfather’s pension amount to make the game’s in-app purchases. As per Tribune India, his uncle says that he was trained to make discreet payments through his grandfather’s bank account by a school senior.

The teenager allegedly used to make payment through a PayTM account, which was made on his grandfather’s name using his pensions deposit account and confessed that he had spent more than Rs 2 lakh on the game.

He even acknowledged that he had given the senior a fair amount of money to purchase items in the game. The family came to know about this when they ran a routine check on the grandfather’s bank account statement.

The boy’s family has now lodged a complaint against the school senior who introduced him to these corrupt and shady methods.

This is the second case this month wherein a teenager spent an enormous amount of money on the game.

In a similar shocking incident last week, another Punjab teenager spent Rs 16 lakh of his parents’ money on PUBG. In order to make in-app purchases on PUBG Mobile, the 17-year-old spent his father’s hard-earned income on the battle royale game as he reportedly had access to three bank accounts of his parents.

In order to kill his son’s PUBG addiction, the father said, “I just can’t let him sit idle at home and cannot give him a mobile phone even for studying.” Hence, the teen is made to work in a repair shop to keep him distracted.