PUBG MOBILE, a hugely popular game in India, was banned by the government on Wednesday amid fresh tension over China’s provocation in Ladakh. There are close to 33 million active PUBG players in India, and the news comes as a shock to gamers. Also Read - 'Zindagi Barbaad Ho Gaya': Shocked Gamers React to the PUBG Ban With Hilarious Memes

Well, not just India, the game is immensely popular across the world. However, it has come under severe criticism because of the addictive nature and its detrimental effects on the health of children.

Owing to a fair share of controversies, the popular battle royale game has been banned in several other countries as well, apart from India. Here are those:


In July 2020, Pakistan temporarily banned PUBG on the grounds of the addictive nature of the game. The move was taken by The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) after “receiving complaints from different segments of society” on account of it being detrimental to players’ health.

After a hearing was conducted to review the position of the game, PTA said the ban will remain in the country in the interest of public order. The PTA said it had come across various studies, papers and reports regarding the impact of internet games, specifically PUBG, on the mental as well as physical health of the players.


In 2019, Iraqi banned PUBG, Fortnite, Blue Whale, and similar online video games in the country after claiming the games caused social and psychological issues to the public.

The country’s parliament said that that the games are harmful to society and a potential national security threat.


In July 2019, the government of Jordan cited the negative effects of PUBG on the kingdom’s citizens and banned it. Though hugely popular, psychologists in the country had repeatedly warned that the game encourages violence and contributes to bullying among youth.

Indonesia had also banned the game on similar grounds.

The game was banned in Nepal too, but it was later lifted by the Supreme Court stating that the government could not enforce such a ban that interfered with personal freedom. People in countries like Bhutan and UAE have also demanded a ban on both PUBG and PUBG Mobile, citing the battle royale game as a cause of violence and addiction, especially in younger people.