Taking a jibe at the Indian mentality towards sex, a viral video titled Pune on Sex was released on online video sharing platform YouTube. The video, available on YouTube’s Being Indian channel comes from the stable of Culture Machine, which offers digital video entertainment for the internet generation. Also Read - India Corona Vaccine Update: Phase-3 Clinical Trials of Oxford's 'Covishield' Vaccine to Begin on Monday | Read Here

Pune on Sex was released Friday, September 12,  and it managed to get almost 16,000 hits within one day. The video showcases that with the “modern and advanced” crowd that’s open about sex, there is still a huge taboo in discussing or even referring to sex in India. Also Read - CCTVs in Pune COVID Hospitals, TV Outside For Kins of Patients: Ajit Pawar

Taking a cue from a social experiment conducted in Amsterdam on how people react to a stranger asking for sex, the Being Indian group decided to do something on the same lines in Pune, but with an Indian twist and a toned down approach. Also Read - Pune Containment Zones Latest News: 74 New Areas Contained in City | Check List Here

In the video, which we have shared below, the anchor asks women on the streets to participate in suggestive sexual moves with him and has witty one-liners in it. The reactions in the video were varied. While some enjoyed the light moments, others just ignored it and moved away.

Watch the Pune on Sex video in the player below!