A video of donkey racing through a busy street is being widely shared over various social media platforms. In the short video, a donkey-drawn cart with two men sitting on it can be seen speeding away on a busy highway road. While one man can be seen pulling the reins to control the donkey, other is seen latched to the wooden mount on the cart, so that he doesn’t fall off. Also Read - FACT CHECK: Video of Couple Being Shot by Police Outside a Mall Goes Viral, Here's the Truth

The undated video was recently shared by a video page on Facebook with the caption, “Forget about horsepower, go DONKEY power!” The video has garnered over 2.6 million views and nearly 4K comments as people dropped hilarious comments on the video post. While some wrote the donkey has been drugged to run at that speed, some even raised concerns about the authenticity of the clip. Also Read - Two Confess to Murdering a Man After Police Tell Them ‘Crime Was Caught on NASA Cameras’

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As it appears, the video is reportedly a clip taken from a video from Pakistan that went viral in 2019. And, just in case, you too are wondering about the authenticity of the video, let us tell you that in this viral video the running speed of the donkey has actually been altered.

Watch the full video here: