Mt. Abu, September 23: The selfie madness has taken over the world, with the urge to capture self-portraits in various places developing into a dangerous trend and even a sickness! Several people have in the past put themselves in hazardous situations to take a unique self-portrait so that they could flaunt it around amongst friends and acquaintances. If you still don’t agree that this trend has gotten a little bit too out of hand, you will be wholly convinced after finding out what happened with one man from Mount Abu, who wanted to take a selfie with a python! The video of the incident was released by ANI on Friday and it is a chilling reminder of what the selfie trend can do to people.Also Read - 'Selfie' Time For Akshay Kumar And Emraan Hashmi as They Team up For The First Time, Fans Say 'Aag Laga Di'

The video that was uploaded on ANI’s social media pages, shows the man attempting to take a selfie with a huge python which was carefully being held by four people. Four people! That was the size of the creature! As the man inched closer to the animal to take a selfie with it, the snake struck him with its gigantic fangs. The man hadn’t noticed the snake was about to strike as he was busy angling his phone camera to capture the best picture. Such incidents are more common than you’d think though, and more often than not, it is the animal who ends up being hurt or injured or even dead! There are numerous incidents involving people killing the animal just in their attempts to take a picture with them. ALSO READ: Selfie obsession near the train tracks leads to a teenager getting kicked in the head! Also Read - Viral Video: Python Spotted at Kochi's Seaport-Airport Road, Traffic Stopped to Let It Pass | Watch

In Macedonia, earlier this year, a woman had pulled a swan out of a lake, in order to take a picture with it. The woman reportedly dragged the bird out of the lake by grabbing it by the wing and dragging it onto the shoreline of the Lake Ohrid in south-western Macedonia. After the careless woman tourist was done taking her picture, she abandoned the bird, who later died on the beach of the lake. She did not leave the hapless animal, despite it struggling to be freed from her hands. The incident gained a lot of traction on social media, with scores of people expressing anger against the blatant animal abuse. Also Read - Good News For Freshers: This UK Firm Plans to Hire Over 600 IT Professionals From India in Next Few Years | Details Here

This time however, the python attacked the man, probably teaching him and everyone else an important lesson. Attempting to take selfies with animals is not only dangerous to one’s own life- as you cannot predict the animal’s behavior- but also amounts to torture for the mute creature. Such selfies might get one fame or appreciation for some time, but one should consider the risk factor as compared to the kicks that are derived from the activity.