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With the release dates of Bang Bang just a week away, the main lead of the movie Hrithik Roshan is giving dares to B-Town celebrities. Recently, he dared Kill Dill actor Ranveer Singh on Twitter to step out of his car in the busy roads of Mumbai and pose for his fans. Looks like Ranveer was quite too overwhelmed with the green eyed star’s dare and did take on to the roads of Mumbai. Ranveer Singh has shared a video on Twitterverse where he has accepted Hrithik Bang Bang Dare. Also Read - Hrithik Roshan Helps 100 Background Dancers by Transferring Money Into Their Bank Accounts

In the video, Ranveer, dressed as Hrithik’s character in Krissh with the black mask on, steps out of his car on the busy streets of Bandra, Linking Road. He places a speaker attached to his phone in the middle of this busy streets and starts with a jig. Raveer playfully tries to match up to the level of Hrithik’s dancing excellence to the tunes of ‘Main aisa kyu hu’. Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Reveals She Almost Did Film With Sushant Singh Rajput But Hrithik Roshan Sent Her Legal Notice

The Gunday actor was thrilled and excited taking up the challenge and his expressions reflected that very well. Ranveer did justice while he was imitating some of Hrtihik’s popular moves from his previous movies in the video. Unarguably, Ranveer is a good dancer with exceptional dancing ability. But what made us hawk at the restless dude was hiz zany energy and producing antics in a manner that only he can. Tell us what do you think-you find the Lootera dude crazy or cute?

Watch the Video to see Ranveer Singh go wild with the #BangBangDare.