An incredible video of a meteorite flying across and exploding in the sky, captured by an LA musician has gone viral on social media. Amber Coffman who is currently in New Mexico posted the stunning video showing the moment a meteor streaked across the sky over Taos, creating a spectacular fireball.Also Read - Wait, WHAT?! Meteorite-Like Object Falls From Sky And Creates One-Foot Deep Crater in Rajasthan, Explosion Heard Till 2kms

As can be seen in the video, bright light can be seen shooting across the sky, sparking even brighter lights as it goes.

Coffman perfectly captioned the video as, ”Guys, we just saw one of the craziest things we have ever seen in our lives and I managed to capture some of it. A meteor for the ages!”

Watch it here:

Since being shared, the video has garnered 3.2 million views and two lakh likes. Users were mesmerised watching the video and many shared similar experiences.

When asked by a user how was her experience, she replied saying … “Absolutely stunned amazement! Elation! I feel high.”

One user wrote, ”That’s so rare that u saw it! Looks like a meteor that didn’t break up in the upper atmosphere and disintegrated and burned just b4 it hit the ground! U hear of anyone getting any fragments from it?”

As pointed by a user, his type of meteor is likely classified as a bolide, which is defined as an extremely bright meteor, especially one that explodes in the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, responding to many queries, scientist Dr James O’Donoghue explained how it was possible to shoot such a high-speed event with a basic camera.