Days after the mysterious disappearance of a wooden sculpture of a penis in the Bavarian Alps, a similar wooden carving has appeared in its place! As the local police were still investigating the disappearance of the original sculpture called ‘Holzpenis’, a new and slightly larger carving of male genitalia appeared at the site, propped up with wooden beams, Associated Press reported. Also Read - Bizarre! Chinese Boy Inserts 2-Feet-Long Metal Wire in His Penis to Find Out Where Urine Comes From!

“The summit of Gruenten, a mountain of 1,738 metres near the border with Austria, is now adorned with a new statue. This one, also made of wood, is even taller and supported by several beams,” German news agency DPA reported.

However, unlike the original phallus monument, it is unclear exactly who erected the replacement. According to Allgäuer Zeitung, a German publication, a webcam showed movement on the mountain in the middle of a snowstorm on Wednesday.

Four years ago, the original phallic sculpture had mysteriously appeared on the high Gruenten mountain in southern Germany.  The male genitalia had gained celebrity status in recent years as a selfie destination for hikers. The structure even appeared on Google Maps, where it was classified as a “cultural monument.”

The German news agency DPA reported that the Kempten police are currently probing the statue’s disappearance, although they’re unsure if the removal constitutes a crime.

It has been said that the giant structure was reportedly built as a birthday prank for a young man. However, when his family didn’t like the present, the 440-pound sculpture was hauled up the mountain and abandoned there. Many tourists on Instagram have also documented it, but it wasn’t clear who its creator was. Meanwhile, a 3.5-metre stainless steel monolith that was found in a Utah desert has also vanished.