Earlier this month, famous Sweden YouTuber PewDiePie had stubbled upon late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput‘s video, giving the iconic speech at IIT Bombay, which has been trending viral ever since his death by suicide last month. Ahead of the actor’s last release, Dil Bechara, Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie shared a beautiful tribute video titled ‘Reacting to Sushant Singh Rajput’ which tugged all the emotional cords in fans hearts.Also Read - Dil Bechara Had Me Weeping! Sushant Singh Rajput's Film Leaves Hansal Mehta Teary-Eyed, Faces Hotstar Crash

Reviewing the very video that had left him smitten earlier this month, PewDiePie accoladed Sushant’s wisdom and intelligence after listening to the speech that he gave a few years back at India’s stellar engineering college. The YouTuber’s video starts with PewDiePie acknowledging the “big deal” that Sushant is, which made him watch some of his videos and realise that “he was a really interesting dude.” Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide Case Update: Mumbai Police Summon Kangana Ranaut, Actor Asks For Interrogation in Manali

Having no idea who Sushant was, PewDiePie shared that “he was a really cool dude” from what he understood from the actor’s videos. Talking about Sushant’s achievements beyond Bollywood, PewDiePie shared that just like him, he too was an engineering student and that it was “relatable.” Also Read - Weirdly Painful And Beautiful! Bhumi Pednekar 'Can't Stop Tearing up' as She Watches Sushant Singh Rajput's Dil Bechara

The video goes on to play Sushant’s speech at IIT since it had “really valuable lessons on life.” He concluded by saying, “It’s such a tragedy that he passed away at such a young age.” Commenting on the Mumbai Police’s statement on Sushant’s death, PewDiePie said, “as someone who loves to live in the moment, I cannot make sense out of committing suicide” but that did not mean he wanted to delve into the controversies floating around his death.

Check out the viral video here:

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