Having lost his multi-million-pound empire in the stock exchange crash of 1997, 76-year-old David Glasheen isolated himself on Restoration Island off the coast of north Australia, twenty three years ago. Worth a whopping $28.4 million once, the former millionare has now confined his life to a tiny island after moving there with a suitcase containing ‘three shirts, two pairs of shorts and swimmers, a decent torch, a couple of books, a jar of chilli powder, some toothpaste and my toothbrush’. Also Read - Wriddhiman Saha Breaks Silence on Being Covid-19 Positive, Says 'I Was Certainly Scared'

Spilling some survival tips amid the COVID-19 lockdown, while living the real-life of Tom Hanks character from the movie Cast Away, the quirky hermit asserted in an interview with the Daily Mail, “It’s like living in Jurassic Park”. While the ocean contains all the protein he needs, he collects rainwater and also water that comes from a catchment in the hilly areas of the island, for drinking. The list of his essential items include fishing tackle, a cast net for catching bait, a flintstone for lighting a fire and a bush knife since his most basic needs are water and food. Also Read - Arjun Award Winner TT player V Chandrasekhar Dies Due to Covid-19

Other essentials that make his isolation enjoyable include a solar-powered internet connection, a stockpile of good books and two mannequins, Miranda and Phyllis, for company. While David strives to find a “nice lady” through online dating, he has a collection of board games and has also built a well-stocked bar on the island for his guests with beer ready in a home brewing kit.

Though Resto is rid with coconuts, acidic beach almonds, bush cherries, native capers and wongai plums, David stocks up tinned and dried goods, picked up on an annual grocery shopping trip to Cairns using a small boat, soap, washing detergent, toothpaste and toilet paper.

Another tip that David gave was, “On occasions, you might need money. Silver coins are easy to store and they will probably appreciate in value, too.” For company, David relies on his dog, Zeddi and numerous animals on the island apart from his two “mannequin girlfriends”.

In his book, The Millionaire Castaway: The Incredible Story of How I Lost My Fortune but Found New Riches Living on a Deserted Island, that he published last July, David had written, “Resto had affirmed my commitment to finding a different way of life: one beyond the vicious cycle of pressure to earn enough money for a lifestyle by which other people measure your value and success. I couldn’t bear the thought of this place being a rich man’s playground. This short time on the island had convinced me that Resto was somewhere I could live in utter contentment. Spending the day fishing and the night yarning was my idea of bliss.”

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!!NEW IN STOCK!! The Millonare Castaway – The Incredible Story of How I Lost My Fortune But Found New Riches Living on a Deserted Island by David Glasheen with Neil Bramwell Losing his fortune in the stock market crash of 1987 was the final straw for Dave Glasheen. After a series of catastrophes, he needed to take drastic measures to restore himself. Opting out of the rat race, he cast himself away to a deserted island off the north-east tip of Australia, as far off the grid as was humanly possible. He has lived there ever since. One annual supermarket shop, a sketchy internet connection, and enough ingredients for a home brew satisfy all of Dave’s material needs. He catches fish, traps rainwater and cooks on an open fire. For company he tames dingoes, meets with friends from the Aboriginal community 40 kilometres away, and entertains drop-ins such as Russell Crowe sailing past on his honeymoon or the chairman of McDonald’s on a game-fishing trip. Then there’s his running feud with Boxhead, an antisocial saltwater crocodile who just won’t leave him in peace. Between heartbreak and hair-raising adventures, Dave has found happiness on Restoration Island and dreams of creating a retreat to promote the profound healing that saved his life. Brimming with humour, eccentricity and hard-earned wisdom, The Millionaire Castaway is the feel-good autobiography of the year. #davidglasheen #neilbramwell #themillionarecastaway #bookworm #bookstagram #bookshop #bookstore #newinstock #booklover #collaroy #collaroybooks #shelfie #shelfiemonday #bookshopsofinstagram

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David Glasheen first visited Restoration Island in the early 1990s with a former business associate and thought it was “love at first sight”. Leasing a portion of the island from the Australian Government for £13,000 a year on behalf of a consortium of businessmen, he developed fishing facilities and tourist accommodation on the island.

Handing out a tip for aspiring castaways, David shared, “Start learning about how to be independent and survive on very little. I grew up this way and I loved it. I read books and watched movies that covered survival topics. Just start by going camping. You will soon find out what you really need versus what you think you need. Life here is peaceful, safe and fulfilling.”