Soccer fans in Delhi have now plunged into this crazy version of the sport i.e. soap football, a slippery version of the popular game that brings with it a mixture of giggles, tumbles and slides. You can play it irrespective of whether or not you like football since it’s so much fun and there are no rules and regulations. Opened almost a month ago at DLF Place Saket, the soap football arena is a massive, heavily-cushioned floor covered with plastic and diluted soap water. Players get in barefoot and attempt to play a game all the while slipping, falling and swirling into one another. Also Read - If You Are a Football Fan And Can't See Your Favourite Team Losing in a Game, You Are More Prone to Have a Heart Attack

To avoid the players from getting hurt, the field has two goal posts and the sides of the area are secured with inflated tube walls, so the players here sure are doing their bit to ensure you are safe. You can even wear knee-pads and helmets if you want to. Combining the fun of water, the unpredictability of soap and excellence of football into one sport, the game promises to be an all round fun. Also Read - UP Helpline Calls For Rasgulla, Pizza, Paan And Football Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

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It is played between two teams with five-members in each and the match lasts an hour. As we have said above, there’s really no such thing as rules. The only thing that matters in this game is the number of goals scored by the teams. Up to 10 people can play a game in two teams of five and the one with the most number of goals wins.

The tickets cost Rs. 1,750 for 10 people who get a chance to play for 30 minutes. Now we have told you about this place, gather your gang and add it in your to-do list.