How can you forget the most annoying face of the time that’s hell bent on convincing everybody to switch to Airtel 4G. Yes, the overconfident Airtel 4G girl seen everywhere be it on the TV, outdoor and online has been trolled in this video and you just cannot stop grinning about it. The short-haired model named Sasha Chettri’s Airtel 4G act meets the perfect competition in form of stand-up artiste Sahil Shah from EIC. Also Read - After Haryana, Airtel now shuts Punjab 3G network

The video shared on YouTube by Sahil Shah starts off with the common fear of every individual. The fear is of being questioned all of sudden by this Airtel 4G Girl. In the description, Shah writes, “Every single day I wake up being afraid that the Airtel 4G girl is going to approach me and ask me to download or upload some nonsense. So I finally decided to conquer my fear and just speak to her.” Also Read - Airtel 4G Hotspot now offers 1.5GB data per day to new prepaid users

Ever since the launch of the new advertising campaign of 4G for the service provider Airtel, the world seems to be sick and tired of the non-stop ranting by their model. From endlessly blabbering about the features and advantages of being on the 4G, the Airtel Girl will leave irritated. The campaign has certainly drawn more flak than appreciation for Airtel. Also Read - Airtel offering Rs 1,000 cashback on its 4G hotspot device: Here is how to claim

The stand-up artist uses the very dialogues from the advertisement as answers to his quirky questions. The end result is hilarious and we bet you just cannot stop laughing. We hope the Airtel 4G girl aka Sasha Chettri does not take it to heart and instead watches this video on 4G speed.