Bhopal: A month ago, a shocking video of senior Madhya Pradesh IPS officer Purushottam Sharma beating and assaulting his wife had gone viral on social media platforms. Now, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has upheld his suspension and also directed the state government to charge sheet Sharma by November 27.Also Read - Bhopal Shocker: Senior IPS Officer Beats His Wife After She Catches Him With Another Woman, Video Goes Viral

Notably, the MP state government had suspended Sharma from the post of special director-general on September 29 following his viral video, in which he was seen beating his wife. He had written to the state government that his suspension be revoked. However, his plea was not entertained.

What had happened?

The incident happened when Special Director General of Police (Madhya Pradesh) Purushottam Sharma’s wife caught him red-handed in a compromising position with another woman. This led to a heated argument between the couple, following which Sharma was seen dragging his wife along the ground and thrashing her.

In the video, other staff present in his house were seen trying to intervene while the woman was heard crying for help. According to reports, the police officer’s extramarital affair has been a long-running dispute between the husband and wife.

After the incident came to light, Sharma had said that it was a family dispute which would be sorted out. The officer, who has been married for 32 years, told PTI that if he has done anything wrong, then his son should say why was his mother living with him for so long.

“My son should say why was she taking money (from me) since 12-15 years and going on foreign trips. After enjoying so much comfort in life, she has an obligation towards her family, to save its reputation,” Sharma said.