Call it the rising job insecurity amid the COVID-19 pandemic or the sheer insult faced on being sacked but an employee in United States’ Chicago saw red after being fired from job and rammed his Volvo truck into his boss’s Ferrari GTC4Lusso sports car. Calling it “an act of revenge”, the employee claimed responsibility for the act on Reddit. Also Read - COVID-19 Vaccine Will Bring Cricket Back to Normal, Says Sourav Ganguly

As per a news portal CarBuzz, the employee shared the images on the social discussion forum and alleged that the extreme vandalism act was perpetrated in response to the business owner’s decision not to pay him and fire him. He was a newly-hired driver who was “not deemed fit (or stable) for the job”. Also Read - Better Late Than Never! Maharashtra, Karnataka Make Chewing, Spitting Tobacco Punishable Offence

However, some other social media posts allege that the employee, a driver by profession, was promised a new 2020 semi-truck if he managed to meet the norms of a certain quota which he failed to meet and hence, grew angry. In a burst of rage, he got in his Volvo truck and drove it straight into his employer’s Ferrari after allegedly being denied the new truck. Also Read - Salman Khan Donates 1 Lakh FRSH Sanitisers to Mumbai Police, CM Uddhav Thackeray And Others Hail The Move

As per a report in MotorTrend, “After trying in earnest to keep his job, and despite the trucking company’s amicable attempts to part ways and fully compensate the man, the fired driver calmly asked the owner if the Ferrari was his car.” When the employer agreed, the fired truck driver reportedly replied, “Now you’ll see what happens when you mess with me” and the mangled remains of the Ferrari remained later to be seen. The reports confirmed that the driver has been arrested.

The COVID-19 pandemic has truly taken a toll on our mental calm if not physical, yet.