Everyone would have at least once have to deal with annoying rickshawalas. They simply reject you and pretending as if you are invisible. And other rickshawalas who managed to see you standing on the roadside, desperately wanting one of them to stop, will definitely stop for you but conveniently say that he is going some other way. It would be only better, if nobody saw the anger in you boiling up for that instant. Also Read - How to Make Your Perfume and Deodorant Last Longer

So, here is a video by CNG Comedy and Culture Machine which will tell you how to deal with autowalas and make them stop at the snap of your fingers. Surprised? Yes, there is a brand new deodorant that will attract all the busy autowalas and run behind you to get you in their rickshaws. Also Read - How to Eliminate Body Odour in Summer

Mocking at the over hyped deodorant companies which talk about false ingredients in it and promotes them like heavenly aromas, this video is a total laugh at. They present Rick: India’s first deodorant, specially designed to make sure you never rejected by auto rickshaws ever again! Also Read - Will you give up soap, deodorant & use bacteria to clean your skin?