A shocking revelation by the World Health Organization states that with no toilets girls and women face a very vulnerable situation. On an average woman hold their bladder up to 13 hours due to lack of toilet amenities which is bad for one’s health. More people in India have mobiles than toilets! One would be amazed at the staggering number of people who don’t even have the basic sanitation facility. And  girls and women across all ages are the ones who suffer the most. This YouTube video by Video Daddy is a social experiment about the same. Also Read - COVID-19 to Stay For 2 Years, WHO Scientist Gives a Realistic Picture to a Common Man

With the ever increasing harassment against women one thing that came to the notice was that the dire need was to make avail women basic human needs.  According to BBC some 11,000 women would have escaped rape last year if they had toilets in their homes. Although we are proud to have reached Mars but while on one hand we are reaching new heights on the other hand women in our society cants even go to the toilet safely. Also Read - Indians With OCD Should Avoid Watching News Related to COVID-19

The video follows a girl who goes around asking for public loos but in most cases is given a negative answer. This social experiment addresses the issue of why women are afraid to pee outside? When all the men tend to use the walls, alleys and corners as public urinals, women have to control their bladder for long hours, risking themselves to infections only to save themselves from embarrassment? This video tells us how the natural body functions are looked upon as a shameful and taboo topic.(Watch- Pissing Tanker video: The ultimate solution to all those who urinate in public!) Also Read - Coronavirus Scare: Cabbie Gets Creative, Makes Own Containment Pod in Car

The video says, ‘If you won’t ask, you won’t know. If you won’t raise your voice, you won’t be heard. Lets #ASKTOPEE because you have the #rightopee without fear or shame.’ Ask for your right. Respect. Safety. Sanitation.#asktopee.