Pop star Rihanna is popular not only for her songs but also for her Fenty Beauty products and her sense of style. Rihanna has expanded far beyond her musical records into one of the most fashionable celebrities across the globe. The eight-time Grammy winner is known for championing lesser-known designers who eventually make it big thanks to her patronage. However, what has gripped the curiosity of Twitterati is the fact that how can she walk on grates with stiletto heels on when most people have trouble walking over them even in normal flat footwear. Pictures of Rihanna walking on grates in heels went viral and left Twitterati stumped. Also Read - Hot in Hollywood: Justin Bieber Talks About His Sex Life, Rihanna Dating A$AP Rocky

People on Twitter started wondering what magic does the singer Rihanna employs to walk on grates in high heels as walking on flat surfaces in heels is remarkably difficult. A Twitter user @priya_ebooks posted pictures of Rihanna walking in heels on grates and tried to decipher her modus operandi and shared a series of photos of the singer. Her tweet went viral and fetched a cool 7,824 likes, 2,821 retweets and 74 comments at the time of writing. She shared the pictures of Rihanna on Twitter with the words, “Never forget.” Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Foundation Gets Thumbs Up From This Albino Woman, Review Goes Viral Also Read - Rihanna's EPIC Reaction After Nicholas Pooran Slams Century During Sri Lanka vs West Indies ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match is Unmissable | WATCH VIDEO

Take a look at Rihanna walking like a Lord

Twitterati was left stumped at the pictures and they started tweeting about how Rihanna is a queen and always manages to slay. Sample a few tweets below.

How does Rihanna do it?

Rihanna doesn’t need to look down while walking

How does she do it?

Difficulties of a simple soul

Rihanna can fly

This user shared the trick

The Duchess might need some tutoring

It’s finally proved that God really is a woman

The Twitter user’s tweet went viral because of Rihanna’s pictures and the ability to walk on extremely tricky pathways wearing heels, but the fact remains that the singer is definitely in a class of her own as accepted by most Twitterati that walking in heels is extremely difficult lest alone on grates.