Much awaited Rio Olympic begins from today. Every one is gearing up for this grand sports extravaganza. Google is also not behind and released a doodle for Rio Olympic 2016. The Google Doodle today marks the beginning of the Olympic season with Google’s own Fruit games. For next couple of weeks, this trend will continue. Fruit such as watermelon, strawberry and coconut from a fruit stand in Rio will compete with each other in racing and other sports. ALSO READ: 2016 Rio Olympics India Schedule IST Also Read - Google Pays Tribute to Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, First Person to Discover Benefits of Hand Washing

You can also participate in this Fruit Games. You will just have to tap the Google Doodle on your Android Phone iOS devices. It appears that for next couple of days Google has planned games that would be replica of Games which would be held in Olympic, including track and field, swimming, and cycling and many others. ALSO READ: 2016 Rio Olympics Opening ceremony Indian time
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Today’s doodle starts with a pineapple whistling off the start of the games, during the start strawberry leads the race and watermelon follows it. Coconut’s pedalling away with all its might that ends with a classic jump. this very interesting doodle is a treat to watch. With new doodle every day they might also have the same popularity as the real games would have. Also Read - Happy Women’s Day 2020: Google Doodle Highlights The Achievements of Women Around The World

On the very first day of the event Indian athletes will participate three events from archery. They include men’s individual, women’s individual and women’s team events. As the events are on Day 1, Indian archery team would miss the opening ceremony. They will practice for the medal.

Total of 120 athletes competing across 15 different sports will represent India. This is the strongest ever Indian contingent taking part in the Olympic Games. Previous highest was 87 during the 2012 London Olympic Games.Also Read: Full list of India’s 120 athletes who qualified this year’s for Rio Olympics

People from across India are expecting that their athlete would perform better then last time and win more medals. India had won  six (two silver and four bronze) in 2012 London Olympics. 32 different venues in Rio have been allotted for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Time difference between Brazil and India is significant. New Delhi is 08 hours 30 minutes ahead of Rio. So the events will start in the evening and last until next day morning as per Indian Standard Time.