Islamic extremism grew at a soaring rate in 2015, with some of the most dreadful terror attacks reported from regions of Middle East, Africa and also the West. A number of terror assaults were also reported from Southern Hemisphere region and the Asian subcontinent. While some of the extremist attacks were more dreadful on catastrophic scale, a number of other assaults continue to capture our imagination since the victim nation happened to be one among the ‘first’ World. Also Read - At Least 100 Killed in Terrorist Attacks on Two Villages in Niger

Here are the 10 most deadly terror attacks of 2015: Also Read - Boko Haram Ties up, Slaughters Dozens of Farmers in Nigeria: Report

#10: 43 Shias killed in Pakistan Also Read - Operation All-Out: Security Forces Within Striking Distance of Eradicating Terrorism in Kashmir

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) gunned down 43 members of Shia community travelling in a bus on May 13. The dreadful incident happened in Karachi where the Shiites pilgrims arrived to pay homage at a shrine. The Shias, a minority in Pakistan are equated with infidels by hardline Sunnis and extremist outfits.

#9: 28 killed in suicide bombing in Yemen

The conflict between Shia Houthi rebels and the Sunni government supported by Saudi Arabia, along with the attacks made by Islamic extremist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda has turned the situation into a civil war in Yemen. On September 3, ISIS militants blew themselves up in the Al-Muayad mosque in capital Sana’a killing at least 28 Shiite Muslims. (ALSO READ: UN Security Council meets on Yemen crisis)

#8: San Bernardino killings:

United States of America was stunned by the ‘lone-wolf’ style of terror attack operated by two immigrant Muslims living in the country since the past 10 years. 14 people were killed, 22 left critically injured. The couple, who had paid allegiance to Islamic State, also attempted to bomb the market place. However, they were shot dead by police forces.

#7: Mali hotel attack

On November 20, al-Qaeda affiliated terror outfit Al-Mourabitoun launched an attack at Raddison Blu Hotel in Bamako city, the capital of Mali. The militants took 170 people as hostage and killed 20 of them.

#6: Lebanon terror attacks

While the worl were mourning over the death of innocents in Paris, another set of civilians lost their lives in the Lebanese capital Beirut. At least 41 people died and more than 200 were left critically injured in twin suicide attacks.

#5: Al Shabab storms Gerresa University in Kenya, killing 147 students

Somalia based terror outfit Al Shabab is gradually spreading its influence in neighbouring regions. On April 2, a group of 23 Shabab militants entered into University campus openly firing at students who were not able to recite Islamic verses. A total of 147 students were killed in the attack.

#4: ISIS takes over Palmyra killing civilians, butchering Syrian army

Islamic State took over the ancient city of Palmyra between May 12 – 17. More than 400 civilians were killed including women and children. A number of women folk were also taken as sex slaves. The 2,000 year old ancient temple was destroyed. However, another Roman structure of about the same period was kept intact only to…

#3: Charlie Hebdo assault

Two gunmen affiliated to al-Qaeda barged into the premises of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo killing 12 staff members including 4 of the primary cartoonists Charb, Cabu, Honoré, Tignous and Wolinski. The gruesome assault was justified as an act to exact revenge against those who insult Islam. Charlie Hebdo was known for lampooning Muslims, including their prophet, Muhammad.

#2: ISIS attacks Paris!

Islamic State made its presence felt strong enough in the European territory. Paris was rocked on November 13, by a series of co-ordinated terror attacks conducted by the radical Muslims in France who had committed allegiance to the terror cult base in Iraq and Syria.

#1: Baga Massacre

The most gruesome terror attack of the year would be the spree of massacre carried out by Boko Haram militants in the region of Baga and the constituent places in the state of Borno. More than 2000 civilans were massacred in a ruthless manner in the blood carnage which was carried out for nearly 4 days.