Romania’s prime minister has been accused of flouting social distancing guidelines after a picture of him smoking and drinking inside his office with several cabinet members emerged on social media.Also Read - Madhya Pradesh Imposes Rs 2,000 Fine on Migrant Workers And Others Violating Home Quarantine Amid COVID-19

In the picture, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban is seen smoking a cigarette surrounded by four cabinet members, none of whom are wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

Orban told the Mediafax news agency that the picture was taken on May 25, his birthday, and the foreign minister and economy minister of Romania were among those attending.

“Some colleagues came by to surprise me. I gave them something to eat, a glass of wine, whisky. We weren’t wearing masks because we just finished eating”, Orban told the Mediafax news agency.

However, in a statement, the PM acknowledged that he breached the rules.

”The prime minister knows rules must be obeyed by all citizens, regardless of their position. If the law is broken then sanctions must be enforced,” he said.

Orban said he was willing to pay the fine for smoking indoors, which Romania banned in 2016 and paid $600 on Saturday.

Romania has registered 19,133 confirmed coronavirus cases and 1,259 deaths.