With goggles on as the only safety gear, Jeremiah Warlick or Rubberband Man as he is popularly known, has been keeping netizens entertained this COVID-19 quarantine by exploding fruits, milk bottles and even chicken after tying them with rubber bands. As the item bursts open under the squeezing pressure of so many rubber bands, the netizens feel it is oddly satisfying to watch the videos and some times even on loop. Also Read - Lockdown Had an Impact in Slowing Transmission But Risk of Increase in Cases Looms as India Opens up, Says WHO

Recently, the Rubberband Man is back and from exploding a bell pepper, which he claimed to be world’s smallest pumpkin, to counting the number of rubber bands required to explode a water balloon, the Internet sensation has left fans in splits with his hilarious reactions. Hair tied into three ponytails and goggles on, Rubberband Man was seen adding the elastic ties one on top of the other as the pumpkin squeezed under pressure and finally exploded. It was the twenty-fourth rubber band when the vegetable finally exploded, hitting the man in turn. His reaction while dodging was enough to leave fans in splits. Also Read - Transparent Partitions, Physical Distancing: How Restaurants Are Gearing up to Open Their Shutters From Monday

While one commented, “Bro I was dying when you hit your head on the door (sic)”, another wrote, “When he hit his head I was dying idk why I laughed so hard (sic)” and yet another corrected him, “Nigga that’s a sweet pepper (sic).” The video garnered close to 3 lakh views while still going strong. Also Read - England Captain Joe Root in Doubt For First Test vs West Indies Due to ECB's COVID-19 Self-isolation Rule

However, watermelon seems to be the favourite of Rubberband Man as he can be seen frequently sharing videos of exploding the fruit with new twists and additions.

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Watch Rubberband Man exploding some of the other food items here:

With over 8.84 lakh followers on TikTok and more than 2 lakh on Instagram, the Rubberband man is quite a sensation across the Internet. Netizens are beating lockdown boredom with viewing one video of his at a time.

On another note, countries across the global continue to practice lockdown amid COVID-19 pandemic as the number of cases, worldwide, reach 2.71 million while the death toll globally is at 191K.