We are nearing the end of 2020, but unfortunately the coronavirus is still very much present around us, spelling doom for many. Regardless of that,  many people who just want things to go back to ‘normal’ have routinely expressed their frustration over Covid-19 restrictions. In one such irresponsible act, dozens of Russian couples recently staged a protest against COVID-19 restrictions by kissing on a packed Yekaterinburg Metro. Also Read - Farmers Broke Pre-Decided Conditions for Parade, Resorted to Violence, Says Delhi Police

Couples who locked lips on the metro said that they were standing up for the music and nightclub industry as people are currently banned from visiting such venues, despite the metro being packed each day. Protesters called the restrictions ‘unreasonable’ and argued how illogical it is to ban people from nightclubs and attending evening shows, especially when the trains are brimming with people. Also Read - Yogendra Yadav Urges Farmers Not To Do Anything That Tarnishes The Movement As Tractor Rally Turns Violent

“Musicians are speaking out against unreasonable Covid-19 restrictions because the virus is considered a higher risk at concerts and in restaurants after 11 pm than on a crowded subway during rush hour,” the protesters were quoted by Life. Also Read - Expressing Desire to Meet Lord Krishna, Russian Woman Jumps to Death from 6-Storey Building in Vrindavan

However, they also said that they did not plan to disrupt any public services, or to insult anyone’s feelings.

Many videos of young couples locking lips inside trains have now gone viral on social media, triggering criticism.

Not just Russia, many other countries have banned  large gatherings in night clubs and other public places in wake of the coronavirus.