A company run by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughter is all set to launch an app similar to the video-sharing social network TikTok, reports have surfaced. According to AFP, Gazprom-Media, a major state owned media conglomerate, has purchased a service called ‘Ya Molodets’ or ‘I am great’, CEO Alexander Zharov said on Wednesday. Also Read - Josh: Indian Version of TikTok Raises $100 Million Funds From Google, Microsoft, Says Report

Zharov said the app was developed with the support of the Innopraktika foundation, an organisation run by Katerina Tikhonova, one of President Vladimir Putin’s alleged daughters. Notably, Katerina is commonly believed to be the youngest of the president’s two daughters from his first marriage but Putin has never publicly acknowledged by name. She has a Master’s degree in Physics and Maths and is also an acrobatic rock n roll dancer

Talking of the app, Zharov further said that Gazprom-Media will “use the project’s software to speed up the creation of a new video service for Russian bloggers.”

Just like the Chinese social network TikTok, the Russian version of the app will also support the sharing of short vertical videos. The app will be launched within two years.

Gazprom-Media is also planning to launch two websites similar to YouTube in the next two years, with one being an improved version of the Rutube streaming service, a platform targeted at Russian speakers that Gazprom-Media acquired in 2008.