Jaggi Vasudev or Sadhguru as he is commonly known, has managed to anger a number of people with his comments on feminism and the fight for women’s rights. A post he shared on Twitter had the subject matter as him discussing what has happened to the women of today in the name of what is called feminism, and how society today is structured in a way that is not beneficial for women – or men for that matter. Also Read - Sadhguru To Prakash Javadekar: Cauvery Calling Could Meet 8-12% Of India's Carbon Sink Target

The post on his Twitter account had the following as intro for the video: “If money is the only value, male is the only value, I want you to understand this. Today, in the name of #feminism, unfortunately, a whole lot of women are desperately trying to be like men. Making subtler aspects of life significant is vital for the rise of feminine.” Also Read - Vidya Balan: I am a Feminist Work-in-Progress | Exclusive Interview

In the video, Sadhguru spoke about how there should not be any fights about equality and that everybody should be treated the same regardless of their gender. He also criticised feminism, which he said was imported from the US and did no good to the women there. Listen in: Also Read - Kabir Singh Writers Siddharth-Garima Speak on Need of Feminist Writing, And a Nepotism-Free Industry | Interview

His post however has angered a good number of people and they have taken to Twitter to air their views.

While some were against what he said, others, both women and men alike agreed that what Sadhguru put forth as his point had a ring of truth to it.