Coimbatore: Amid Coronavirus lockdown, many foundations are doing their bit to raise funds to help needy during the desperate times. Similarly, Indian yogi and author, Sadhguru has painted an abstract painting that was sold out for a whopping amount of Rs 4.14 crore. The money raised will be used to fund Isha’s coronavirus pandemic relief efforts in rural Tamil Nadu around Isha Yoga Center. Also Read - Sadhguru's Message on Mother's Day: Beauty of Motherhood is in Inclusion | WATCH

Announcing about the painting during recently held sathsang, he said that whoever will donate the maximum amount will get the painting painted by him.  “Whoever donates the maximum amount for the #BeattheVirus fund, will get the painting. Smaller copies of the painting will also be available for the buyers”, Sadhguru asserted. Also Read - Jaggi Vasudev 'Sadhguru' on COVID-19: 'This Time is a Reminder of Your Mortality'

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‘Beat The Virus’, is an initiative and on-ground campaign by Isha Foundation to prevent the pandemic from entering Thondamuthur village which resides over two lakh residents.

As a part of the initiative, a task force of nearly 700 volunteers deliver freshly cooked meals along with Nilavembu Kashayam, immunity booster drink, prepared in decentralized kitchens to the villages. They are also supporting administration efforts in awareness generation, supply of essentials, and equipping frontline workers and first responders with protective equipment. Besides, a standby isolation ward has also been set up by the local administration in the Pooluvapatti Primary Health Center (PHC) and Isha is providing all the help and support to the ward with medical infrastructure and other essentials.

Isha’s pandemic relief activities, they are primarily focused on preventing starvation in the village. Speaking about the same, Sadhguru said, “Though the government and the administrations are doing much to reach out to the poorest of the poor in society, still many shall fall through the cracks. It is the responsibility of every citizen to ensure nobody goes into starvation mode.”