New Delhi: With people stuck inside their homes, seems like love is blooming among couples as they are spending more time together and rediscovering each other. Perhaps that would explain why, many pharmacies as well as e-commerce sites have reported rising sales of condoms and contraceptive pills while some experts are already looking at a coronavirus ‘baby boom’ in December 2020.Also Read - ‘Think of Your House as a Condom And Covid19 as STD’: Mitchell McClenaghan

Though the coronavirus pandemic has triggered large-scale anxiety but at the same time, it has also increased intimacy among couples who don’t find the time to be with each other. Also Read - Will Coronavirus Lead to Baby Boom? Stores Experience Condom Shortages as Couples Stock in Quarantine

“Our stock of masks is over. Many people are demanding chloroquin and Vitamin C. And the sale of condoms has also increased,” said Shah Nawaz of Loyal Pharmacy in south Delhi’s New Friend’s Colony area.

Sources at a leading e-commerce site also said sales of condoms and contraceptives have jumped online.  There has also been an increase in birth control products as well as sex toys.

“In times of war and epidemics, intimacy levels go up among sexual partners,” said Rajiv Mehta, consultant psychiatrist at Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH).

He also said that December 2020, might just see a ‘coronavirus baby boom’ of sorts.”People are anxious and living at home. Couples, married or otherwise, who were too busy with their professional lives are now getting proximity and time. So intimacy will increase as it has increased during wars. This is a war-like situation,” Mehta said.

Due to daily pressures of normal life, married couples in big cities don’t have regular sex, but now with the lockdown, people are getting back to normal sexual life. However, on the flip side, too much proximity might lead to quarrels too.

Meanwhile, another psychologist told PTI that the sale of erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, and menstruation-halting medicines will also rise further as the lockdown progresses.