Viral Video: A shocking video of a phone bursting into flames inside a man’s bag in China has gone viral on social media, leaving many terrified. The 51-second video shared by the South China Morning Post shows the man casually walking along with his female friend on a crowded street when all of a sudden his phone catches fire following an explosion. He throws the bag on the ground and steps away from the flames, but still suffers injuries in the process. The man’s arm, hair and eyelashes were singed, the website reported.Also Read - Sweet Surprise: Man Orders Apples From Grocery Store & Receives a Brand New iPhone, Can You Believe His Luck?

According to the video, the man had purchased the Samsung phone in 2016. He said that he was facing issues with the device’s battery but the phone was not being charged at the time it caught fire.

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The incident is being investigated. Meanwhile, the video has scared netizens on the internet, with one user saying, ”this should be warning to a majority of us ,who sleep with our phones close by.” Some others blamed Samsung for endangering his life.

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Meanwhile, some questioned why was he using such an old phone: