Every now and then when we hear of any crime committed against a woman or a girl, questions arise over their dressing and what time were they out. A lot of times educational institutions have imposed dress code on girls in India as well as abroad and several times girls have even been sent home for wearing a skirt or a sleeveless top or even jeans. Does attire define whether one is fit to be taught in school? The incident that is related here did not occur in India but in a developed nation like USA. About 20 girls were sent back home from San Benito High School for wearing off-shoulder tops. The girls were told that their dressing was not in accordance with school’s code of conduct. The school reportedly said that the girls ‘revealing’ clothes were a concern and they wanted to “keep the kids safe”. However, the bizarre rule has been turned sexist and the boys of the school decided to give the school a taste of their own medicine when they decided to wear same off-shoulder tops.Also Read - This Luxurious House Built in The Middle of a Desert Costs a Whopping Rs 12.9 Crores | See Pics

The boys of the school stood by their female friends who were sent back home for wearing off-shoulder tops by donning the same kind of attire and trying to call out the sexist stand of the school administration. Their protest to stand by their friends has taken the internet by storm and people are applauding their initiative of not taking a regressive rule lying down submissively. A girl shared a series of tweets with pictures of the boys wearing the off-shoulder tops. She wrote on Twitter, “thank you to everyone who participated today was v successful sbhs can suck it screw the dress code y’all ain’t ready for tomorrow.” Man sent home from work for wearing shorts, returns in a bright pink dress in Britain! Also Read - Viral Video: Good Samaritans Pull Elderly Couple From Burning Car, Netizens Hail Them as Heroes | Watch

The Brave Initiative

The initiative is gaining momentum

These guys are so cool

The School’s yearbook has almost all senior girls showing shoulders in their photos

The schoolboys were the heroes

The school posted an official notice on their Facebook page saying that the dress code was to avoid any possible humiliating incident for students and prepare them for future to seek employment, interviews, and career. Also Read - Patna, Delhi, Lucknow And 7 Other Indian Cities That Share Names With Popular Foreign Destinations

However, the crux of the matter remains that why girls are subjected to prohibition and curtailment why not boys and men taught to see women as persons and not objects. Why should a girl or a woman ask to cover up instead of telling boys and men to think clean thoughts instead of having voyeuristic tendencies?