London: Honouring Greta Thunberg for her efforts to raise awareness about climate change, scientists have named a newly discovered species of a land snail after the teen activist. The temperature-sensitive critter, which was discovered in Brunei on the island of Borneo, now has the scientific name Craspedotropis gretathunbergae. Also Read - Dia Mirza Gets Trolled For Breaking Down at Jaipur Literature Festival, Netizens Call Her 'Desi Sasti Greta Thunberg'

According to the study, published in the Biodiversity Data Journal, the species belongs to the so-called caenogastropods — a group of land snails known to be sensitive to drought, temperature extremes, and forest degradation. Also Read - Our House in on Fire: This is Greta Thunberg's 2019 in Five Words

Citizen scientist J.P. Lim, who discovered the snail, said that “naming this snail after Greta Thunberg is our way of acknowledging that her generation will be responsible for fixing problems that they did not create. And it’s a promise that people from all generations will join her to help.” Also Read - Swedish Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Asks Sorry For Her 'Put Leaders Against Wall' Comment

”The name is especially appropriate considering the snails’ potential vulnerability to the effects of climate change”, said snail expert Menno Schilthuizen.

The researchers said they approached the 17-year-old Swedish activist who said that she would be “delighted” to have this species named after her.

This is not the first time that the Taxon Expeditions team has named a species in honour of an environmental advocate. In 2018, scientists discovered a new species of water beetle and named it after Leonardo DiCaprio to honour the Oscar-winning Hollywood actor’s efforts towards biodiversity preservation.