Well, how can you ever manage to remain quiet through an entire roller coaster ride? Screaming and laughing is the best part of the ride, isn’t it? However, due to Covid-19, all that is set to change as theme parks in Japan have come up with a new ‘no screaming rule’.Also Read - UFO or Weather Balloon: Mysterious Balloon-Like White Object Spotted in Japan’s Sky, Twitter is Bewildered

Recently, Japan’s theme park, Fuji-Q Highland announced that visitors who will be riding roller coasters at the attraction will need to stay quiet and composed when on the ride.

Shouting or screaming can emit thousands of respiratory particles that can increase the risk of spreading infection like the novel coronavirus. As per the theme park, the ‘no screaming rule’  is meant to stop potential virus-carrying droplets from flying out of your mouth at 80mph.

To show that it’s possible, two executives of the park, donned in formal attire are seen giving a ‘demonstration’ of how visitors can maintain a serious face while “screaming inside their hearts,” according to a message at the end of the video.

Watch the hilarious video here, which has gone viral:

“Fuji-Q Highland in after having taken a variety of infection various [sic] measures, the business has resumed. Among them, the guideline of the Amusement Park Association urges to “do not speak loudly.” We have received voices saying that it is “strict” and “impossible.” Therefore, we have sent a model video to everyone from Fuji-Q Highland,” the park said in a statement.People can share their photo online in the #KeepASeriousFace challenge, and those who do best will be given free day passes. The theme park will be running the challenge until 17 July.

Japan has a total of 20,174 cases of COVID-19 with 980 deaths and up to 17 thousand recovered cases.