After the 2015 Paris attacks at the Bataclan music hall, reclusive British street artist Banksy had painted a mural on the door of the theatre as a tribute to the victims. However, the door was stolen in January 2019 only to be found at an Italian farmhouse recently. Also Read - Artwork of US Flag Burning by British Street Artist Banksy, as Tribute to George Floyd, Grabs 2.2 Million Likes on Instagram

The mural, on the fire exit door of the concert venue, was painted in June 2018 and featured a figure mourning where atleast 90 people were killed in the French capital in November 2015. On France’s most important national holiday this year – Bastille Day, the Italian police gave it to the French ambassador in Rome after finding it at a farmhouse.

During a ceremony at the embassy, French Ambassador to Rome Christian Masset said, “It is a very moving moment to get back this door on our national holiday… it was witness to the massacre that claimed the lives of 90 people. Many people in the audience escaped through this emergency door. It has lived, heard and seen the whole massacre.”

Given the need to continue fighting for all freedoms, chief prosecutor in charge of the investigation Michele Renzo, said at the ceremony in the French Embassy, “This door brings our minds back to the memory of the tragic and distressing event, and tells us that for liberty, for our individual liberties, we will always have to fight.” The artwork was being displayed for the holiday at the French Embassy.

Banksy gained world-wide acclaim for his artworks stencilled on public buildings even though his identity has long been a closely guarded secret. The artist’s Instagram bio asserts that she or he is not present on Twitter or Facebook.

Often the one to portray topical themes in his artworks which are normally wall graffitis, Banksy takes to his Instagram handle to share his latest paintings, expressing his feelings. Recently, he grabbed eyeballs as he painted a US flag burning after George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis Police custody.