Absolute secularism is the forte of our Indian Army, wherein equal respect is attributed to all religions. Everyone, be it a Hindu, a Christian or a Muslim attend all auspicious functions like shabad kirtan, namaz, morning mass or mandir parade together, as one unit.Also Read - What is 'Airgasm'? Know About The New Word in COVID-19 Vocabulary That Is Going Viral

And a shining example of this religious harmony is currently going viral on the internet, showing a Hindu and Muslim soldier praying side by side.

Instagram user, who goes by the name power_beard, shared a heartwarming image on the platform, stressing the fact that how people of all religions co-exist in the Army.

He also goes on to reveal that both houses of worship (Puja ghar and Namaz ghar) are located under a single roof, next to each other and are called as the “Sarv Dharma Sthal”.

Captioned the pic, he wrote, ”For those who didn’t know, My unit has around 15 per cent Muslims. All auspicious functions are started by a Pooja in the Mandir and a Namaz/ Dua in the Masjid. Both the houses of worship are always under a single roof and called a *Sarv Dharma Sthal*. Though we are in an undisclosed location, I couldn’t resist sharing this great view of my two boys who are responsible for the respective temporary places of worship separated by a wall.”

See the picture here:


The picture has gone viral, with one user saying, ‘They’re in the same room, you can see the carpet on the right side is also on the left, the divider is just a window frame, not a wall. Goes to show that just because people look split apart doesn’t mean they’re not together.’

Another wrote, ‘Unity in Diversity. This right here is our culture’.