We (human beings) are truly a weird bunch, who harbour strange fetishes and obsessions! Well, there is one such person in Singapore who is so obsessed with stealing underwear, that he breached the lockdown to steal more! Also Read - Thief Falls Asleep On the Sofa After Breaking Into House in Karnataka, Owner Wakes Him With Stick

Lee Chee Kin, who is a serial underwear thief, admitted that he breached Singapore’s strict coronavirus lockdown to sneak into a backyard to steal women’s lingerie. Last month, when he was out on bail, he climbed into a backyard on the hunt for more lingerie, but was spotted by the homeowner, and arrested.

When he was produced in court, he admitted to breaking lockdown rules and also pleaded guilty to charges of theft and criminal trespass.

As per court documents, he has stolen underwear from homes on at least 30 occasions in the span of two years from April 2018 to April 2020. When the police raided his house last year, they found more than 100 bras and 41 pairs of panties.

“He would select bras and panties to steal based on their appearance. The accused used the stolen bras and panties for his own sexual gratification,” a prosecutor said.

As per an AFP report, he will be sentenced at a later date, and could face a jail term and hefty fine.