Just like children are curious about sex, thy are also curious about things related to sex. While many times, parents do have the birds and the bees talk with their kids, they do not really explain things to them in detail. But with technological advancement in modern times, it is really impossible to keep kids away from such sensitive topics and things related to sex. Each side they turn, there are suggestive advertisements, posters, condom adverts, one liners, name it and it is there. The industry cannot even sell perfumes without making it suggestive! So in such a scenario, it is but natural for the child to have more questions than usual and fire them away at parents. Also Read - New Zealand's Online Safety Campaign Features Nude Porn Stars to Teach Young Kids About Consent | Watch

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Unfortunately, the way Indian society is, we are still not receptive and pretty closed about all topics. We do not talk openly to children and each time they ask us questions on sex or related topics, we simply brush them off. There’s generally no resort left for the child except for refering to the internet or getting information from friends or the likes. It is extremely difficult for them to get the right information from such sources and most of the times, the half-knowledge they get fills their brain with wrong ideas. It is essential for a parent to inform their children of everything the right way and at the right time. Also Read - We all need to find a way to embrace ageing: Gillian Anderson

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Y Films new series, Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa questions our dubious sex education format and the way we Indians do not open up about it. Their concept is simple – if the child is old enough to ask about it then the child is also old enough to know about it. Children understand much more than you give them credit for and if explained the right way at the right time, it can avert a lot of pains for the child at a later stage in life. Even things like condoms are not beyond a child’s grasp – but only if it is explained the right way. For children, their minds undertsand things differently than adults and so, if you simply facts and explain, you will both be happy!

Wondering how Pappu’s papa explained condoms to Pappu? Watch to know!