The idea behind this video was to share a liberating experience with women. In this short film ten women were invited to come together and shed their layers and go back to nature. They isolated them to the nature there by removing comparisons, competition and conditioning,The y were given a chance to look inward so as to make them embrace their individuality. Also Read - Naked Men Used as Props in NSFW Business Suit Ad: Pictures Objectifying Nude Male Models Creates a Ripple on Social Media

This helped them and gave hem the potential to overcome obstacles of negative self image with the support of other women. Stepping out into their own light these women are also inspiring other to do the same and enjoy the liberating experience. Also Read - What's the best lingerie for your body shape? Ultimate guide to lingerie for apple, pear and hourglass shapes

This video seeks to empower women to accept their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin. In this NSFW clip, 10 total strangers “stop letting fear guide their decisions” and strip down to nothing to go on camera together. Also Read - How to look good naked? Tips to look good and confident when you strip and go nude!

The video is produced by The Goddess Project simply with ten women, naked in the wilderness with some seriously sultry body paint.

Watch the beautiful video below.