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We live in the era of scientific technologies and new inventions. The world is growing at an extremely fast pace and with each passing day, the world is getting a better place to live in. While on one hand we are striving hard and trying to march towards a better and bright future, on the other hand, some of us still observe various pagan rituals. Also Read - Uddhav Launches Fresh Salvo at BJP Over Free Vaccine Promise, GST; Dares Party to Topple Maha Govt | Highlights

One such horrific pagan ritual of throwing babies is practiced in the state of Maharashtra, India. The ritual of throwing newly born babies from a 50-foot-tower is being observed for more than 500 years from now. The falling toddlers are awaited by a sprawling bed sheet that acts as a trampoline of sorts. Also Read - Mumbai Becomes India's First City With Over 10,000 Deaths Due to Coronavirus

However, this isn’t the only shocking ritual that is performed around the world. Even today, some tribes in Amazon practice burying newborns if they are found to have any defects. In Papua, New Guinea, there are tribes that inflict cuts on their young as they believe that the experiences turns them into men.