Arthur Booth, a man arrested for burglary, was presented in court of Miami. Judge Mindy Glazer who was presiding over the case had a look of surprise on her face. The Judge had a question for the alleged offender. “Did you go to Nautilus for Middle School?,” she asked. What happened therfater is worth a watch. Booth was simply reduced to tears. He is seen sobbing and perhaps repenting for what he did that ultimately landed him bang opposite his ex-schoolmate with whom he used to play football. (ALSO WATCH: Kids Explaining Gay Marriage Will Amaze You!) Also Read - Animal Abuse: Twitterati Outrage as Prankster Makes Baby Chimpanzee Smoke Bong and Cigar, Watch

“I always used to wonder what happened to you, sir. ‘I’m sorry to see you here.He was the best kid in middle school. I used to play football with him. Look what has happened,” elaborates the Judge as she walks down the memory lane to place the man in her head. Reports suggest that Booth used to be a scholar and an athlete until drugs took over. Apparently, his bail was set at $44,000 and he remains behind bars for now. Take a look at this heart-wrenching video to know how the choices you make in your life decide your fate! Also Read - Uttar Pradesh: Man Brutally Thrashes Old Woman on Streets of Bareilly - Video

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