The Slow Mo Guys are all about ambitious projects and everyday things in slow motion. They teamed up with SmarterEveryday host Destin to shoot some guns underwater and record what happens at more than 27,000 frames per second. The Slow Mo Guys use the Phantom V1610 camera to get such a high frame rate because the Phantom Flex camera isn’t fast enough to capture bullets in motion.Also Read - YouTube Plans Week-Long Livestream Shopping Event With Creators From Nov 15

Gavin and Daniel travel to Alabama in the US to help Destin with the video recording of the gunshots in slow motion. Like the watermelon exploding video by Gav and Dan, this video is sure to be watched more than once because of the several elements that make it such a fantastic project. Daniel hands the guns, and Gavin handles the Phantom v1610 high-speed camera to capture what happens. The venue for this incredible experiment is Destin’s home and his swimming pool to be exact. [Also Watch: Steve-O’s fire breathing back flip for Slow Mo Guys makes one amazing video] Also Read - Video: Mumbai Airport Witnesses Complete Chaos; Flights Missed, Delayed. What CSMIA Said | Full Statement

To get the video recording, Destin has made a sort of periscope for the camera to be able to record what happens underwater without being submerged. The incredible simple but intelligent device gives a fantastic view of the pool as Daniel steps in with a Glock pistol. The next gun is a revolver, and both are fired under water. Check out the insanely cool video of what happens to the bullet as well as the water in the path of the projectile in the video below. Also Read - Google BIG Update: Gmail, YouTube, Maps Not to Work on THESE Devices From Monday. Full List Here