Virginia: In a bizarre incident, two shoplifters wore watermelons on their heads to disguise themselves while robbing a store in USA’s Virginia. Also Read - Chinese Man Plans Robbery And Gets Arrested on Purpose to Avoid Getting Married to Girlfriend

Sharing their pictures on Facebook, Louisa Police Department said that the duo was wearing hollowed-out watermelon rinds with holes cut out for the eyes. The incident happened on May 6 at a Sheetz convenience store when these shoplifters entered the store in a lifted Toyota truck and surprised everyone by their peculiar appearance.

Funnily, they even posed for pictures for people! Thankfully, after a few hours, the police department said that both the men have been arrested under the larceny investigation.

Meanwhile, pictures of the duo went viral, triggering laughter on the internet.

“With all the masks available right now, they chose watermelons,” a comment read.

Funny, isn’t it?