Shweta memes break the internet: The internet is a crazy place and new meme trends keep cropping up everyday! While the ‘Pawri ho rahi hai’ trend was still creating buzz online, ‘Shweta’ has emerged to be the next big trend on social media, giving netizens a dose of their daily laughter. In case you are not aware, the trend is all because of a leaked Zoom call of an online class where a girl named Shweta forgot to mute her microphone. As a result, the private discussion wherein Shweta revealed intimate details about a man with a friend of hers went public.Also Read - Shweta Memes Are The New Rage Online: Who is This Girl And Why is Her Name Top Trend on Twitter

The hashtag #Shweta trended for hours on Twitter on Thursday after a recording of the call went viral and Friday is no different. In the video going viral, the girl continues to share some private details of a boy, who had asked her to keep it a secret. Fellow students try to warn her that her mic is on, but she does not listen.

“Usne ye apne best friend ko bhi nahi bataya (He didn’t even say it to his best friend),” Shweta is heard saying at one point. To which, a fellow student quipped: “Ab ye 111 logo ko pata chal gaya hai (Now, 111 people have heard of it).”

Watch the video: (Disclaimer: Strong language, viewer’s discretion is advised)

From jokes to memes and spoof videos, desi internet is abuzz with her name, with many wanting to know about this mystery girl. Here are the funniest reactions:

Many are now eagerly waiting for Yashraj Mukhate to drop spoof music on it. One of the users wrote, “Can’t wait for Yashraj’s new song “Shweta mic band krle”. Another user wrote, “Waiting for Yashraj Mukhate to add beats to the Shweta’s secret.”

Although it’s not clear yet from where the video has originated, the video continues to entertain people online and also comes as a cautionary tale. With zoom calls and online conversations/meetings becoming the norm, there have been many such instances of failed Zoom calls and gaffes. Well, the lesson is always remember to mute your mic or you could turn into a trend!