New Delhi: At a time when the nation is boiling with rage over the Hyderabad rape-murder case, filmmaker Daniel Shravan has given an outrageous and sickening advice to women to tackle situations like rape and sexual assault. Hold your breaths, because this advice will make your blood boil with disgust. Also Read - Hyderabad Police Issues Safety Advisory For Women, Why No Advisory For Men to Not Rape?

Shravan, in a Facebook post, suggested that instead of calling for police help, women should carry condoms and save themselves from the fate of murder. When women are assaulted by rapists, they should cooperate in the act and offer the rapist a condom, so that they are not killed afterwards, he says. Also Read - Disgusting Beyond Belief! Hyderabad Rape-Murder Victim's Name Becomes Top Trend on Porn Website

In an attempt to rationalise rape, the filmmaker also claimed that legalising ‘rapes without violence’ is the only way to control the brutal killings of rape victims.

“Murder is a sin and a crime. Rape is a corrective punishment. No justice is going to happen with Nirbhaya Act or Priyanka Act. The agenda of rape is fulfilling the sexual needs of rapists based on that time or mood,” the filmmaker said in his Facebook post.

That’s not the end of his repulsive recommendations as he proceeds to call women ‘bitches’. “If these adamant bitches didn’t consent to the proposal made by the rapists, they will have no other way but to rape them”, the post says further.

Thankfully, the abhorrent post after has now been deleted and after people bashed the director, he posted a new apology message. He backed his comments, saying that the lines were of a villain from his upcoming film, and that his audience have misunderstood him. Really, he wants us to believe him?

Playback singer Chinmayi Sripada was one of the first ones, who took to her Twitter handle and said that people like Shravan are depraved. Sacred Games actress Kubbra Sait also commented on the post saying that he needs medical help.

Netizens too, can’t help but control their anger for his highly objectionable comments.