Los Angeles: In a gesture that is winning hearts, a Los Angeles-based Sikh-American couple have started a food truck service to feed the city’s homeless. The food trucks called ‘Share A Meal’, operates across various locations around Los Angeles and serves vegetarian burritos and water to the poor and needy in the area for free. Also Read - Viral Video: Old Man Gives His Shoes And Socks to Homeless Man, Walks Barefoot Himself

Ravi Singh and his wife Jacquie, who started the noble venture, say that every evening, a group of volunteers belonging to different races and cultures come to ‘Share A Meal’s’ central community kitchen to roll rice and beans into burritos.

”Share A Meal is an organization of people giving back to the Los Angeles community. We come together with other service-minded individuals to serve the less fortunate, with no expectation of receiving anything in return. It is our mission to eradicate selfish living by incorporating selfless service into our daily routine”, the official website of the community reads.

In the first hour of service, volunteers meet at these locations and help roll burritos. In the second hour, they serve the hot meals and water, and also offer other assistance in the form of socks, blankets and toiletries.

“In order to support our volunteer service nights and maintain the quality of foods and services, the mobile kitchen also hosts occasional food truck fundraisers around the Los Angeles area,” The American Bazaar quoted Ravi Singh as saying.

In the fundraisers, guests are served a range of vegan Indian snacks such as baked samosa chaat platter and mango smoothie.